you’re not the only one lyrics – john wetton

i see you now in the dead of night the shadows closing in
you lie and wait for the morning light you’ll just survive till
loneliness only means you harm so try to raise a smile don’t
you know that your open arms can bridge a thousand miles?
when there’s no end to it all try to surrender let yourself
fall and just try to remember
you’re not the only one who feels pain open your heart
and live again the rule you depend upon from this day on
you’re not the only one
throw back the shutters and unlock the spell let sunshine
light your face the growing fears that you know so well will
vanish into sp*ce
you’re not the only one who needs faith climbing the face
of the unknown to tell you you’re not alone and, above all
else you’re not the only one
free yourself take a good look around there’s a lot of love
to be found love will not let you downé

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