you win again lyrics – hank williams

recorded by hank williams, sr.

1st verse:
[e] the [b7] news is [e] out – all over [a] town
that you’ve been [e] seen – a-runnin’ [b7] ’round
i know that [e] i – should leave, but [a] then
i just can’t [e] go – you [b7] win a- [e] gain.

1st bridge:
this heart of [a] mine – could never [e] see
what ev’rybod – y knew but [b7] me
just trusting [e] you – was my great [a] sin
what can i [e] do – you [b7] win a- [e] gain.

2nd verse:
i’m sorry for – your victim now
’cause soon his head – like mine will bow
he’ll give his heart – but all in vain
and someday say – you win again.

2nd bridge:
you have no heart – you have no shame
you take true love – and give the blame
i guess that i – should not complain
i love you still – you win again.

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