you pay lyrics – crass

you’re paying for prisons.
you’re paying for war.
you’re paying for lobotomies.
you’re paying for law.
you’re paying for their order.
you’re paying for their murder.
paying for your ticket
to watch the farce.

knowing you’ve made you’re contribution
to the systems f*cked solution,
to their political pollution.
no chance of revolution.
no chance of change.
you’ve got no range.

don’t just take it.
don’t take their sh*t.
don’t’ play their game.
don’t take their blame.
use your own head.
your turn instead.

it’s not apologise. it’s not economise.
it’s not make do. it’s not pull through.
it’s not take it. it’s not make it.
it’s not just you. it’s not madmen.
it’s not difficult. it’s not behave.
it’s not, oh well, just this once.
it’s f*cking impossible.
it’s f*cking unbearable.
it’s f*cking stupid.
f*cking stupid.

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