you, me, and the significant other lyrics – from first to last

whisper sweet nothing’s into your ear
the kind i knew you’d always want to..
oh wait but i was wrong
you sold me out so fast
quickly inditing me into the sh*t that is your past

today you said, you said it’s over
at least i’ll start aging slower
oh well lemme guess
you’re gonna f*ck my friends, od, and call me from the hospital

you don’t need to tell me what you’re always wanting
i think it’s too obvious
the scr*ps across the floor of self indulgent nonsense
feed the ego with the sh*t that you fear
but don’t you count me out before i get
the last word in. let’s not pretend
i’ll go without a fight again

time and sp*ce
you said you wanted
time and sp*ce
you said you needed
time and sp*ce
i never knew you were a physicist

this time i swear i won’t be gone
this time i know i won’t be wrong

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