you may fire when ready lyrics – igniting the sky

punish this, punish this heart in me
i need to bleed out
out the bleak, out the bleak death in me
i need to stop its plan

’cause it’s taking me
where i don’t want to be
please, please fight for me

’cause where we end, healing begins
feel it break in and kill this heart in me
you change everything
because we are so broken
god, i am so broken
all i know is in me,
somewhere between
death and my dreams
you changed everything

such a broken concept
such a misread charm you are

i’ll disappear tonight
how terrible am i?
i’ll reach for you this time
without fail

take me out
throw me on my back
i’ll be forced to look back at you
and there i’ll have no reason to fall
take me as i am now
but kill me as i am now
and know i can’t be trusted with life at all

help me lose this life
help me die tonight
i don’t want to be alive

kill me
kill me, so i can live

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