you don’t have to be dead to be in hell lyrics – burning skies

stop one second and maybe we can think things through
for a moment and do what we’re supposed to do
everything will be ok
get up off your *ss and kill all the sc*mmy f*ckers
that are wandering like corpses
living out their day to day, doing what they do
stealing, mugging, anything that’s wrong
lets rape these mother f*ckers of all they have left
sc*mbag annihilation
castrate these f*ckers right
put their necks in the noose
hang the sc*m out to dry
take a moment, and picture and keep for memories
store in your mind
these death scenes are f*cking bliss
i can’t think of anything greater than watching sc*m die
you don’t have to die to be in h*ll
all i think of is murder
murdering people who can’t seem to learn
to respect what they’ve been born into
i just want to watch these people suffer for the sh*t they cause
you don’t have to die to be in h*ll
h*ll is what we live in

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