you could’ve left me lyrics – randy rogers band

you can’t fool me
i can read you like a book
i can see that leaving in your eyes
i even know that look
you think that i dont know
you think i have no clue
i guess letting me down easy
was more than you could do

you could’ve left me, before i let you in
you couldv’e left me before we tired what might have been
you could’ve left me before you did me wrong
but you can’t leave me know
cause i’m already gone

that’s right, it’s too late
yeah, i left a long time ago
you were too busy living it up
honey, i was letting go
now don’t act so sad
those tears aren’t even real
you ain’t ever gonna see me again
tell me how does that feel?

repeat chorus

we used to talk about forever
not so long ago
but forever is all over now
don’t act like you dont know

repeat chorus

but you can’t leave me know
’cause i’m already gone
i’m already gone

i’m already gone
i’m already gone
yeah, i’m already gone

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