you bring the freak out lyrics – da brat

you make me talk nasty nasty to ya
dream about how i wanna do ya
think what i used to think about you bring it out
you show me how to use my tongue
you just so yum yum tasty tasty
love it when you take me and take me you bring the freak out in me

[da brat]
i’m freaky freaky
gimme head head
i wanna see how you go down, go down, go down and get fed
come and get some tasty tasty
lick each and every individual part and make me, make me
come come a chameleon
see a different position to do something different to the yum yum
jump jump on top of the kitchen cabinet
so you can stick it and pump pump
miss harris when and wherever i feel like having
save you some embr*ssment
i’m an aries and i ain’t scared of sh*t
dare to flinch then and there i’ll make your chest hairs lift


[jermaine dupri]
only you do ah, ah
think about this and try try
to kiss all the places
missed by the basic lovin’ of your guy-ah
right in the park in the broad daylight
real hard like we the only ones around
back of the car, tearing you apart
this how sh*t be goin’ down
when i pump you say harder harder
love it when i bring my camcorder
whipped cream, take everything
even when we first got started started
from the bedroom to the dancefloor
to a slow tune up against the door
to the up and down, to the in and out
to the way you sound


[kandi] (jermaine dupri)
are you gonna f*ck me?
(you think i’m not?)
come on baby
(i’m comin)
lets f*ck
(i love it when you talk like that)
yeh whatever, go down there
(show me how to use my tongue)
i want you to put your tongue right here
(talk to me!)
right there on there yeh

[da brat]
i’m a superfreak i do what you need
i’m a slave for you, stay craving you
i’m available, i’m unfadable
and i’m capable to disable you
i break you down, blow out your pipe
turn out your lights and leave your wife
lie me down on my back but don’t let my timberlands clap
hit it up like its wimbeldon
don’t spare a racquet ’cause brat freaky like that
just once taste of the nipple
and two kisses will leave you crippled
you done fell in love with shantizzle
and i’ma keep you fiending for mizzo
the 6-0 six-fo bizzo
got one of the freakiest hizzo’s

[chorus] x2

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