worldspinning lyrics – dag

i barely lived today
it isn’t fair
i barely live the day to the night
i lost my hope today
it isn’t fair
that i don’t live or die
i walk alone at night
my worried mind
will kill me if i think very long
but i feel this world
in final evil days
i guess that god wasn’t wrong
i can feel the worldspinning
i can feel that something’s going wrong
i can feel the worldspinning
and i’m afraid it won’t be very long
i’m the devil’s prey
and i can see
the devil has his way with a man
the end is gonna be bad bad bad
i’ve gotta quit while i can
winter turned too cold
the summer burned
and the country died
the people didn’t care
just as long
as their tv’s worked alright
i can live, i can choose,
i get naked with the muse
i can change, i can fly, i can reach a natural high
i get marked, i can jam, i can try to give a d*mn
i can play, i can lay on a system in decay
i get cool, i could show you but it probably doesn’t matter

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