world of shit lyrics – jawbreaker

ends and means laid out before me. can’t make up my mind. i don’t know why. i just know… something, something isn’t right inside. i feel it churning. something, something has my soul, i know. i feel it burning. something, something stands between me and the things that i want. something, something has to change. seems a feast laid out before me. i can’t taste a thing. although i try. i always try. but too much sh*t gets in the way. seems like nothing here is real at all. all these smiling paper dolls. like biting into wax fruit. and maybe that’s why i can’t taste anything. nothing wrong with me at all. can’t tempt me with a plastic apple. i’ll never f*cking fall. something, something isn’t right outside. i see it shatter. nothing, nothing in this world of sh*t could ever matter. nothing, nothing that i see is what i want because there’s nothing, nothing here at all. there are days i wake up crying. screaming in my sleep. i must be dying. don’t want to die so far from home.

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