workshipping bodies lyrics – great kat

workshipping bodies all over the floor
willing victims laying on my bed
i shove my heel into your head!
just do what i say!

workshipping bodies
i want you on your knees!
i want you licking when i please!
don’t even think or try to move!
i’ve got you cornered in a worshipping groove!

down! down! down on your knees!
down! down! do what i please!

workshipping victims waiting to please
you want to serve my greedy needs?!
don’t talk to me! i don’t care!
shut-up! do what i say! when and where!

workshipping bodies! you must be helpless and weak
my little victims. pray to me!
are you worthy of my brilliant abuse?
or shall i torture you first?

down! down! down! peasant!
down! down! down! it’s pleasant!

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