woodson lateral lyrics – rwake

-“you boys better clear out
you better haul your *ss before dark
a lot of people come a missin’ huntin’ down here
these folks in the next county won’t even come down here
at all.”
–“well i don’t reckon you warned em‘.“

contact reaches stars
funnel the spirit of light
knowledge of the universe and earth is the way of life
the quietness of the woods
opossums‘, ghosts, and c**n the wizard cast *ssembly
its tradition in the country
chasing the devils dope with whiskey wine and smoke
demons taking flight the ghost biker rides at midnight
crosses on trees to prevent our entry
bonfire with satan’s wizard

jupiter optimus maximus and protector of justice
a direct condensation of the primordial solar nebula from
which the entire
solar system formed.

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