wondering lyrics – van der graaf generator

(banton – hammill)

i will arise:
in the depths, i will open my eyes;
as my breath almost fails me, survive.

wait – there’s something unclear,
there’s something i fear now drawing close.
could it be you? whose is that voice?
is it now time to make a choice?
ah – that irrational pain!
this ridiculous brain now bursts with joy.
could it be me? could it be now?
should i begin to take my vows?

i will return:
as i live, as i breathe, as i burn
i swear i will come through,
with my hands stretching out in the dark,
with my eye pressed up tight to the gl*ss,
wondering if it’s all been true.

wondering, wondering, wondering…

wondering if it’s all … wondering if it’s all been true…

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