women and wine lyrics – proclaimers

a hundred years ago
i thought happiness was ice cream and football
but time went by so fast
till i couldn’t see their attractions at all
i looked around for other pleasures
the old man had shown the way then
just in time i found women and wine

i marvelled at the way that they united men
for the working and middle and upper cl*sses
you didn’t need any brains
just a taste for booze and a eye for l*ssies
i’m not basking in reflected glory
but open any book and i think you’ll find that
the greatest men of all time
loved women and wine
or men and wine

ah, they’ll be the death of you
if something else doesn’t get you first

well i’m older now
and have to take my pleasures in moderation
least that’s what it says here in this guide to
declining years in declining nations
but just ’cause i’ve slowed up a bit
doesn’t mean i can’t cheer from the touchline
i hope sons of mine
spend lots of time
on women and wine
women and wine

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