wolf’s desire lyrics – bethzaida

wolves in the night searching for prey
children of darkness, choires of dismay
joining the wind in their cries in the night
haunting the darkness devouring your fright

feel me…
as i draw nearer

look into my eyes
seek my desire
what will you find beyond the fire?
look into my eyes
see my desire
darkness, deception, all that they hide

subjugation… feel the blood pump in my veins
mutilation… feel your body teared apart
asphyxation… choking as death comes closer
desecration… pray for the sun to rise again

feel wolf’s desire in shadows so dark
playing with flames, as you light up a spark
feel its heart beat, look into its eyes
as the blood falls it is delighted by your cries

subjugate to wolf’s desire…

dark as the night, but inside a fire burning bright
no sorrow, no regret, but yellow eyes you will never forget

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