wolf among sheep lyrics – broken hope

i have an addiction – i can’t stop killing
ending peoples lives is so fulfilling
a burning urge to murder makes me mad
mutilating and defiling every victim i’ve had
i’ve left a mountain of bl**dy bodies in my days
atrocities blend together in a crimson haze
so they put this psychopath back into society

i’ve raped, i’ve killed, i’ve desecrated
locked away, i’m monitored and regulated
this system doesn’t care where i’ve been
i’m really sick, but then they turn me loose again
i butchered a young boy like a farm fresh pig
i ate his tender b*ttocks and penile twig
guess what happened when the law caught me?
they slapped my hand and then they set me free

i should be put to death or locked away forever
but legal loop holes just keep me so clever
a serial killer freed through revolving doors
no consequences, so i kill and slaughter more
i’ll torture, molest, murder and cannibalize
i bathe in blood because justice has blind eyes
a wolf again walking among abandoned sheep

with zeal i f*cked her mouth, c*nt, and *ss
i know it’s wrong but i had such a f*cking laugh
after i came in her i gutted the b*tch
and i’ll do it again if i ever get the itch

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