without god lyrics – korozy

death, murders and blood.
till when, till when?
through the smoke of the fires
rises and beats in your ears
the shout of the killed,
the cry of the countless martyrs
on stakes of burning wood.
every death is amus*m*nt to you.
till when, till when?
you are silent, you don’t know.
but we know. here, see!
we take one leap straight to you.
down with god!
we throw a bomb to your heart
and take capture by *ssault the sky.
down with god!
we fling you down from your
throne, dead,
deep in the universal starless abyss.
down with god!
on the sky-bridges, infinitely high
we’ll raze the venerable heaven,
down, on the bl**dy earth-expanse.
the humans are mighty force
without god, without master!

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