winter soldiers lyrics – drakkar

its 1812 and the emperor has built
the biggest army that the world has ever seen
their guns ire loaded, their confidence is high
a firm belief that their god is on their side

we’re winter soldiers
don’t know surrender, neither fear
well draw em out of here

i feel my heart pounding faster in my ears
the howling wind
my sense of time that is slowing down
the land will freeze
a sudden rush of adrenaline inside
to set us free
i as the thunderous roar of the gun
shakes the ground

they strike so fast, so hard and they are sure
that in the end, our land they will secure
they’ve yet to learn that in the ice and snow
to conquer or keep is not the same at all

if there is one thing i’ve learned
is that there is no righteous war
but we cannot let them take our homes, kill our sons
we’d rather burn to the ground
positions we cannot defend
we will make sure that their clutches won’t hold a
thing, only dust!

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