wind blow lyrics – bone thugs n harmony

wind blow

[layzie bone:]
bone thugs n harmony
a yo we aint always been accepted like this till (listen to the wind blow)
a n*gg* got dat grammy
open the door n*gg*,

bone thugs got a story that’s similar to mike jones
you can ask my homies
i’m memba back in the days they didn’t want me
now i blew up they all on me
they smiles phony
its hard to determine who really is rich or which of these n*gg*s is fake
they tryna eat out of yo plate
and you cant get a break
now how much can you take
for heavens sake
i cant wait they gone be
(listening to the wind blow)

[krayzie bone:]
sittin back blowin on indo
waving wit my middle finger hangin out the window lets roll
get yo m*th*f*ckin hand out my pocket
now they wanna be wit a n*gg*
feel like we partnas
n*gg* we was lookin for a deal and you dodged us
neva did call us
where was yo promise
but now we ridin by
(listening to the wind blow)

[wish bone:]
n*gg* to the real to the sets
when it comes to the streets
livin peace so it can beat like a drum from the ghetto
give all peace wont let is go
say we wouldn’t make it
now we some of the greatest
bumpin through the trunk and yo ra yo radioooo

[chorus: x2]
yo don’t love me now
and you’ll never love me again
(you cant) you cant say it
you would never

[layzie bone:]
4 tru thugs from the double glock
a n*gg* ready to rumble
when trouble nocks
2 one way tickets straight off the block
we gonna this pay
yall n*gg*z jus watch

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