wildflower lyrics – ghostface killah

[intro: (from the motion picture j.d.’s revenge)]

that was the best f*ckin i ever had.
that’s because you been dealin with dasheese
you gotta leave? where you goin sugar?
i got business to take care of
[ghostface]: no sh*t.
sh*t that’s my old man, sh*t!
ya better go talk to him

no smokin alarms [8x]

i’m mind shockin, body rockin, earth shakin, money makin
sittin high, lookin fly, drinkin on the best wine…

yo b*tch i f*cked your friend, yeah you stank hoe
i seen her on the elevator, honey grabbed my kangol
she put me on to mega-sh*t, bout to slap the b*tch
she shot crazy verbal, i leaned back like i’m rich
it took place late night on february 17th
hands flooded like ink, my face on her magazine
just got back from honolulu, pockets stackin boucoup cash
girlfriend sipped the yoo-hoo and laughed, yo
while i was on tour, wh*r*, you went to work
quick fast, had a n*gg* d*ck in the dirt
you couldn’t wait just to kidnap the bait of my sperm
where’s you at, hoe? ‘pinky house, she put in my perm’
that’s all you ever said to me, thought that could hold me
remember when i long-d*cked you and broke your ovary?
you crab b*tch, chickenhead hoe, eatin’ heros
i’m the first n*gg* that had you watchin flicks by deniro
you gained crazy points, baby, just bein with god
taught you how to eat the right foods, fast, and don’t eat lard
i gave you earth lessons, i came to you as a blessin
you didn’t do the knowledge what the god was manifestin
you sneaky f*ck b*tch, your ways and actions told it all
i f*cked you while you was bleedin, held you down in malls
s*xually you worshipped my di-d*ck like a cross
i had you fiend out, broke out, for a month you fell off
you was my main sh*t, my peeps showed you love on the strength
you saw how i got down, the way i thought had you tranked
but you had to f*ck this rasta-head *ss n*gg*
i shoulda slapped ya but the gods said chilllllllll
that’s your wiz fault, god, handle that in the lab
i’m wonderin how many times your hot *ss got stabbed
you dumb b*tch, h*rny hot f*ck from out the mountains
your clientele is low hoe, catch you next show, bro
i got jerked, gave away my p*ssy, that sh*t hurt
it feel like somebody died or shot your old earth
but f*ck it, i f*cked you on a chair with three legs
broken tables, had you screamin while you was bitin on my cables
whistlin to the washing machine, i threw it on spin
if your p*ssy dry, spit on my d*ck and put it in
my d*ck’s the bomb baby, marvelous hot steak
plus i’m conceited starks make the biggest so-called rape
i’m god, cipher divine love my p*ssy real fine
that means clean the fds smell with a shine
word up, respect that hoe

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