why lyrics (ft. philip bailey) – ryan mcdermott

[verse 1]
tryna put this puzzle together
but you took the biggest piece of me
feel like winter’s lasting forever
d*mn this weather
i see the light thats at the end of the tunnel
its the only hope that keeps me alive
no im closer cause keep getting warmer
right round the corner

the answer to the question why
should i look up to the stars?
or is it in my mind?
la-da-de-da da

[verse 2]
on this mountain top in colorado
looking down still got a ways
dont want to end up like that famous cowboy
just a parody
on this journey trying to reach the center
ive been crying at the drell of tears
but my heart is .. reservation, devilations


i’m almost breathing
finally freedom
just like an eagle watch me spread my wings and fly


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