white boy lyrics – bikini kill

white boy: i don’t think it’s a problem cuz
most of the girls ask for it

kathleen: uh huh, how did they ask for it?

white boy: the way they act, the way they…
i… i can’t say they way they dress because
that’s their own personal choice

white boy: some of these dumb hoes,
those sl*t rocker b*tches walking down the street,
they’re asking for it, they may deny it but it’s true.

lay me spread eagle out on your hill, yeah
then write a book bout how i wanted to die
it’s hard to talk with your d*ck in my mouth
i will try to scream but the pains a little nice for me now

white boy… don’t laugh… don’t cry… just die!

i’m so sorry if i’m alienating some of you
your whole f*cking culture alienates me
i can not scream from pain down here on my knees
i’m so sorry that i think!

white boy… don’t laugh… don’t cry… just die!

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