whisky time lyrics – bulldozer

every night in a different pub
get the money, the night’s long
let’s begin with some beer
and then drink something strong
that’s a f*cking place
the girls here look so bad
we’d better change pub
these f*cking people makes me sad

come on let’s go to the ‘strip’
looking for red shinning lips
(if) i don’t get f*cked never mind
we are ready to start
it’s whisky time

the black girl is dancing
she is fatty and sh*ggy
and she’s got big t*ts
there is nothing laggin’
she’s moving her *ss
along a white chair
she makes me so hungry
“show me your holes”

the girl has gone
another show we are waiting for
a new one has entered
but she’s at least forty years old
she’s not so good and i shout:
“come on move your *ss!”
she tries to smile but
i know she didn’t like it

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