whirlwind pyramid lyrics – d.o.c

the said it was all about knowledge
and know i feel like i got most of it all
dre, drop it!

parental discrestion is advised when the d.o.c. gets candid
to move like a one-armed bandit
arrange the tempo when i go solo
the beat and the cut to a rhyme, and it’s oh so
raw, cause you want to jam, then you go “d*mn he’s good”
and you’re right cause i am
and i’m strong, strong enough to reach them
they said they wanna learn, so i’m a teach them
amplified by a microphone, my point it known
so yo, leave the pad at home
i’m down with the sound so much that i can feel it
if there’s a deal to be dealt, then i’ll deal it
i’m on a roll, that’s word to the father
chumps want to break, but i tell ’em i don’t bother
char the memory of all who saw the
last of the concerned, i burn like lava
so in sum you break, you broke it
and i’m smiling, but not joking
secrets are told, fold but never did
with the knowledge as strong as a whirlwind pyramid

it was mandatory, a righteous editorial
cause my sport is like part of a memorial
knowing the whole i was told through a pole
i have the juice to make vinyl gold
servent at your service, never nervous
why am i claiming the great? cause i deserve this
t*tle is vital, i receive directly
so i don’t have to deal with suckers trying to check
t-r to the a-y, do they have to be warned? just try
and i’ll start crushing without discussion
checking the crowd with the rhymes i’m busting
cool, a quality i have to mention
gaining with the dope comprehension
i move the corwd, so i make it my bid
pop the lid, yeah, see a whirlwind pyramid

hold it, you’re a step off the pace, so catch up
and if you’re sitting get your black *ss up
dance to the rhythm, let it move your pants
and if you don’t dance i *ssume you can’t
and as the crowd, steadily expanding
so move, cause i don’t want to see you standing
you’re in the way, so hey you gotta step
left right, i don’t give a d*mn, just jet
as you leave the party in the light you can see body
everybody, but you’re a toasting maseratti
cause you don’t want to handle the scandal
physical abuse cause you’re as drunk as tony randall
and it’s a gamble, i mean i’ve heard you ramble
on and on but you get worn like a sandal
they said “get raw” and i did then i slid to the back
and hid behind a whirlwind pyramid

the d-o to the c, with some help from my boy t-e-e
is now operating smoothly
original knowlege of the whirlwind pyramid
big dollars i’m gonna always clock
and i’m always down to rock

i had some gin and sacco (i think you’re drunk)
now i’m ready to rock-o, hah hah

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