when the world cries lyrics – chroming rose

i gave my life for you
to save your own resources
you killed your former tribes
that kept you on the way
it’s been a toy of talk
of people far besides me
i just can’t believe
you’re exterminating me

when the world cries
now you ‘ve get to die
in a world of mistakes
when the world cries
now you’ve got to die
’cause your lifetime is wasted

somehow you’ve never learned
to make the right decisions
i will be turning ’round
when you’re no longer here
don’t pray for me
draw consequences on a future
you’re to live within
of else you’ll disappear

when the world cries

i guess you’ll never feel
the pain you’ve brought inside me
all nature, human beings
will fade away you’ll see
fear the end of me

when the world cries

n*body can tell when’s the end, do we still have time
when lifetime is over there will be no warning sign
and the night when all people cry and the fire’s in the sky
is the end of all time and you’re called by thy name
when will they know
when will they know
when will they know
when will they know

yeah really know
sunlight touches my skin
can you tell me how it ends

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