when the story’s over lyrics – alan guno

we live our lives searching for some affection
we live alone but we all feel the same
we spend our days but can’t make a connection
we’ve dried our tears but we’re tired of the game

calling to the broken spirits
anyone – if you can still hear it
hold on to the dearly departed
and anyone whose heart’s been broken

so i’ll raise a gl*ss and i’ll raise my voice
cuz there is no choice when the story’s over
so i’ll sing your praise when i sing this song
you’ve fought far too long and now the story’s over
now the story’s over

a thousand wars, a thousand battles we’ve fought well
our strength was lost amid the shadows and shame
we face a fear – a ghost whose tale we cannot tell
we’ve seen it’s face but we don’t know it’s name

calling to the uninvited
and to you – the unrequited
reach out for the bruised and the battered
and anyone whose heart’s been broken


we loved and we lost
so tired from the war that we fought
we wake up alone in the darkness of night
no more of the pain from the dying flame

those who loved and lost, that were turned and tossed
those who paid the cost – it won’t matter anymore
and when nighttime calls and the tears still fall
i will tell you all – it don’t matter anymore



oh, it’s over

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