when the night is over lyrics – hollow

the night is closing in i hear the beating wings
he’s nearer than before – he’s coming to get me
i have no way to see if this is real or dream
my thoughts are blurred and i can find no reason
yet he has opened the door he’s from the other side
from him i cannot hide his will commands my actions
soon i will abide
take me tonight i am yours

when the night is over i will feel no sorrow
when tomorrow’s come when the night is over
i will fell no sorrow i will miss no one
when the night is over i will be gone

they think i’ve lost my mind lost my mind but really
they are blind
they cannot see that he’s as real as real can be
he stands for truth in my lie

his black wings beckon to me his eyes they shine with
the blade is shining too and soon i will be free
this life is slowly leaving the knife unlocks the door

and when my lungs stop breathing

thanks to enrique pecalba for sending this lyrics.

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