when curiosity kills a dog lyrics – ennui breathes malice

rotting inside – decayed!
sh*t hits the fan – a lack of mercy clears the room;
i designed it to humiliate you!
such courage and comp*ssion would humble me, had it been
who truly believes your lie?
do you find solace in ridicule?
black is a fad – attacks all beauty in the room; in the
ape those who walk by, while eroding inside!
curiosity is a fashion that could topple you with looks
that could kill…..
i deny it, to stay different from you – cripples me with
looks that could kill
slice your magenta lips – spills no vanilla!
now slit your frail wrists – still no vanilla – pale your
rotting inside!
i hate your pale face – go slit your f*cking wrists
bleed – sl*t!

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