what’ll it take lyrics – katrina elam

you don’t have me wrapped around your little finger like you think you do
to tell the truth
don’t think i haven’t noticed how cards candies flowers have stopped coming too
like they used to do
you take my love for granted
starting to take advantage
but the table’s turning now

what’ll it take to make you miss me?
what’ll it take to make you want me when i’m gone?
show me something; let me know you appreciate me
i want you to want me the way i want you with me, baby.
oh, what’ll it take to make you miss me?

not going to run to the phone on the first ring when i think it might be you
ha, not going to do it
i’m not going to show up on your doorstep the way i always do
get used to it
if i disappeared, would you notice i’m not here,
would ya care enough to track me down?

(repeat chorus 2x)

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