what u see (reload) lyrics – bone thugs n harmony

[chorus – layzie bone:]
what you see is what you get, them bone boy’s raw and we got chips,
if ya’ll act up we load them clips, put a target on that *ss n*gg* we dont miss.
what you see is what you get, them bone boy’s raw n*gg* we got chips,
if ya’ll act up then we load them clips, wether rappin’ or its guns n*gg* we do hits.

[krayzie bone:]
now ima show’em how them bone thug n*gg*s soo unique with the flow,
when its time to rock it they gon’ know that we got uncut doe,
when they get to poppin n*gg*s try to battle,
i let my magnum tag along cause if a b*tch dont watch his tounge he gon’ get rattled,
there be ash’s on the family mantle,
n*gg* can you really injust it, sendin’ a n*gg* to even f*ck with me,
im og n*gg* cleveland’s finest, but n*gg*s started a troop cuz it was hard to find us,
told them n*gg*s little behold we got the fed’s behind us,
and we been movin, dippin, tryin’ to dodge their wires,
decided to stay quiet let some time expire, then come back like a riot and reflame the fire
“hangin’ out the p*ssenger side of my reagl aimin’ at ya mind with a nine when i reload,
when the glock is empty then i grab my desert eagle” and bop bop bop

[reapeat chorus]

[layzie bone:]
“hangin’ out the p*ssenger side of kray’s regal,
standin’ on the corner these thugs is my people,
blaze em’ up shoot em’ up n*gg* we dont give a f*ck,
raise it up, do it man bone boy’s, f*ck what you say, im rich b*tch,
small thang to a giant, thats water under the bridge, little lay so death defiant,
im built to raw i dont respect the law, they got my brother alreay,
they can lick on my ball’s, all ya’ll really aint ready for what i be bringin’ to the table,
got to get up get it willin’ and able,
easy e in the mothaf*ckin house tonight, he gave me shoes, ima move, ima run my life,
n*gg* bark, ima bite,
dont do it wrong, do it right, watch a n*gg* take flight usin’ all my might,
ima a to z n*gg*, you cant play with me n*gg*,
whole team got figga’s stack it up and count digit’s n*gg*.

[repeat chorus]

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