west of hell lyrics – benediction

an odd unreality
macabre life at home
dominating father figure
sadist to the bone
ape-like looks the doting parent
prone to fits of rage
sadist and a mother’s boy
deflowers come of age

they’re missing
underground they dwell
mundane life with inner secret
he is west of h*ll

satisfaction comes through power
fuse them in their guilt
chemistry ignites the powder
homely graveyard he had built
saw-edge blade that cuts and slices
pack them in the floor
all his evils have been done
there’s none now to explore


fantasy fuelled killing spree
p*rno’s psychopath
resenting mother for her sins
his twisted childhood trap
overcome was all to much
in the prison cell
we look back within disgust
the creature west of h*ll
killing became such a trick
the only way to get a kick
violent his appet*te
scr*pe of earth throughout the night


they’re missing
insane life he led
our grat*tude in suicide
you are better dead

[dedicated to: macabre]

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