we’re not bad for the kids (we’re worse) lyrics – lordi

screaming- out their bl**dy lungs
riuning their beautiful young voices
steaming hot- h*rny licking tongues
making all those terribly wrong choices

all you little children have gone out of your minds
don’t wanna read no history- let’s practise some biology

make you mommy cry- daddy blows his mind
listen up and learn- we’re not bad for the kids, we’re worse
make ’em take offense- taint your innocence
the first time always hurts- we’re not bad for the kids, we’re worse

wasted- fried their little brains
staying out too late and getting crazy
waintin’- ’til it’s far too late
corrupted to the core and not worth saving

hey kids, you know that your parent are right
you should not ne nasty, no picking a fight
don’t dress up like that, yeah, you dad he knows better
as if he never wanted to see your mom in tight leather

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