welcome to your funeral lyrics – carnal forge

the power of the kingdom of death unleashes it’s rage upon you
my vengeance soon to be unfold
your life in torture flashes before my eyes, you will feel my hate,
you will feel my burning rage entering your domain

death is real,
life’s deceased

pray your way down to h*ll,
the secrets of the bleeding night unveils itself
my wrath i’ve sp*wned for centuries, the l*st for blood is my call,
you can never make me bleed, i’m above all life

welcome to your funeral,
today you’ll be buried alive

feel it’s nerve, haunting your soul
feel it’s rage, dominating your veins
(feel my rage dominating your veins, you’ll be buried alive)

welcome to the m*ss, feel your soul, feel it slipping away

death is real,
life’s deceased

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