welcome to camelot lyrics – knights of the abyss

fall into place my distant friends
today your courage meets its end
your life will be betrayed
marching forward
face to face with the knights of the abyss
you’ll still be nothing more

stand up for the fallen the nameless forsaken men
we offered warning as the corpse they lay
this is our final cry
you will die
this is our final stand
say goodbye

the sound of ripping flesh pulled as the screams grow
louder and louder
on your knees you beg me for life
i’ll give you no such fate
you’ll drown face down in blood

the battle raged for days
the stench has filled the air
let those f*ckers rot
the l*st in your eyes
the hollow in your chest
let those f*ckers rot [2x]

the smell of rotting flesh gets me high! [4x]

your eyes stop me from feeling guilt! [3x]

as i drive this sword into your chest
the blood upon the steel
still lingers on my tongue
i’ve brought you to judgement
reap what you have sowed
i brought you to your grave

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