welcome 2 tha section lyrics – juvenile

[first verse [b.g.]]

is you bout what i brang n*gg*?
biggety-bang n*gg*?
get it through your head before i let it rang n*gg*
whoa n*gg*, you ain’t a friend, you a foe,
hoe n*gg*, i gotta let the pistol go,
show n*gg*s, that i ain’t the one to blow on,
i told ya n*gg* with the four four i get it on,
i roll with n*gg*s, that tote big chrome,
uptown v.l. off top n*gg*s bustin’ domes,
paper chasin’, racin’, to six figures,
the law b*tchin’, i’m catchin’ cases totin’ triggers,
smokin’ n*gg*s, all theyself locin’ n*gg*s,
i’m chokin’ off the optimal still ropin’ n*gg*s,
scopin’ n*gg*s, cuz i’m the same broke n*gg*,
snort dope but i still maintain sellin’ c*ke,
spin dressin’ holder, blunt smoker,
snort a lil’ doper, a.k. toter,
i’m a spittin’ i’m a solja,
take it off your shoulder,
respect n*gg* i’m a solja, take it off your shoulder,
uptown clown, gettin’ so dirty,
respect my f*ckin’ mind, gotta get my nose dirty,
playa haters wanna kill me,
juvenile i know you feel me,
i’m too smart to let em’ steal me,
refuse to let ’em steal me,
n*gg* f*ck ya, i’ma pluck ya,
struck ya, wasn’t beware of the headbusters

[chorus [manny fresh]:]

headbusters, wig splitters, one time,
hot boys committin’ that crime,
welcome to the section of the hot boys,
look out for the infrared dot boy

[second verse [bullet proof]:]

s.k.’s, choppers, that’s how we play,
ride all day, give up your spot for much yay
i hear ya got it, shop close, we hit’cha block,
unload the glock, seventeen, we leavin’ ya hot,
bodies drop, no more shop, in this spot,
i made it hot bustin’ with the glock non-stop
i’m full of that block, a young g about my cheese,
jackin’ for keys, frontin’ back to real g’s,
tryin’ to make my mill, freeze, slip you get killed,
the sh*t’s real act a donkey behind a dope house deal,
straight from uptown, real n*gg*s we in the wild,
yellow tape style, bound to make the nine growl,
bodies found in the dumpster, by the youngsters,
shouldn’t trust a, uptown head buster


[third verse [juvenile]:]

where the villains be, is where i stand,
i’m comin’ with that tillery, up in my hand
showin’ you b*tches the reason, that i’m the man,
i’m stoppin’ you hoes from breathin’, you understand?
comin’ with that a.k., full of that pure,
a cold night in february i had that b*tch like new year,
you better watch me cuz i be comin’,
with the drummin’, a chopper, or a street sweeper or somethin’,
b*tch i’ma represent, my .45 pay the rent,
you b*tch you, you f*ck with me it’s a must you get’cha issue,
i’ma be standin’, in the magnolia with the cannon,
and sure to start damage,
watchin’ these n*gg*s, cuz they donkeys and fools too,
might look like they spooked, but don’t let them n*gg*s fool you,
every breath that i breathe would be beef, so i snorted,
then proceeded to make my enemy’s life short, bout that,
pistol play, f*ck what a n*gg* say,
two-twenty three’s then breathe fire out the hallway,
i found myself up in other n*gg*s beef,
know that them t.c. n*gg*s would die for me,
we probably be,
in an all-black fist full of that b*tch,
and a stroller suburban on the blitz, tryin’ to get rich
if in my way, i’m gone funk ya,
imagine your body deteiorating in a dumpster,
what you gone do? ain’t no runnin’ when the mafia finds ya,
i’ma, ups your death like the unibomber,
i can’t sleep, i got so much beef in the game,
every hotel that i change i use an alias name,
me and b.g. on a hunt, full of that pluck,
two n*gg*s with pistols, tryin’ to make a come up,


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