weary blues lyrics – hank williams

words and music by hank williams, sr.

capo: 3rd fret key: f play: d
the [d] snow falls [g] ’round my [d] window
but [g] it can’t chill my [d] heart
god [g] knows it died the [d] day you left
my dream world [a7] fell a-[d] part.

weary [d] blu-ue-ue [g] ues from [d] waitin’
lord, i’ve been [e7] waitin’ too [a7] long
these [d] blues have [g] got me [d] cryin’
oh, sweet ma-a-ma, [a7] please come [d] home.

thru tears i watch young lovers
as they go strollin’ by
oh, all the things that might have been
god forgive me if i cry.


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