we had it all lyrics – willie nelson & friends

i can hear the wind blowing in my mind
just the way it used to do through the georgia pines
and you were there to answer when i called
you and me, lord knows, we had it all

remember how i used to touch your hair, baby
looking for the feeling, it was always there
you’re the best thing in my life i can recall
yeah baby, you and me, we had it all

i know that we can never live those times again
and i get old feelings that i’ll be there back again
and i’ll stay with you girl just as long as i can
’cause it was so good, oh, it was so good, you know
yes, it was so good when i was your man

and i’ll never stop believing in your smile
even though, you didn’t stay, it was all worth while
and i know that beneath of it all, baby
just you and me, we had it all

you and me, we had it all
you and me, we had it all

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