wayward confessor lyrics – hexvessel

king of death
your unshackled ghouls are tumbling on the borders
now race through goblet moons of ash
like convicts on the loose

tearing down my inner walls
like a hymnbook’s tattered cover

as all my abandoned unions
from a vast and monstrous church

burn the confessor, the ancient woods
of each mans work are felled by the devils craft
d*mn the confessor, his name is barbed
with a war of ins that drip on heavens tongue

a saint that starts to fall on squawking claws
of an unknown predator

lost to tribes of insane hordes
and devoured in a sickly desert
of vows that break and bend
and suffocate… and frighten

the th*rn in his side, the holy ghost
the host that heals the chosen

and oh my congregation
do you think that we will forget?
away with your redemption
for i don’t know how to forgive

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