walter white boy flow lyrics (ft. bootleg kev) – rittz

jessie you asked me,
if i was in the math business or the money business
i’m in the empire business,

bootleg kev, do you feel me?


and take a rittz ain’t sh*t, rittz ain’t b*tch
but you never heard n*body take a risk, can’t spit,
if you’re looking for bullsh*t, this ain’t me,
i just did a lot of speed bout to fit a drink..
nose on fire, go on fire, got to go ..
take a crown for some more.. cope die,
..slapping me..oh so glock,
n*body ..i didn’t try goes right,
..maybe bootleg kev give a ..on the show ..
big sean tongue, fun strong,
me got me staring at ..big ..blond
i can see she picked on..
didn’t mack, if i see she..
d*mn i’m about to put it in the *ss just to make her
feel me interest .. maybe later, i’ll find the agent chick
’cause i hasn’t make it bigger
i’m just tripping out some sh*t, i’ll sya when i’ll eb drinking liquor
doing a gift, i’ll receive and i’ma give up
last lines dedicated to my homie..
i’ma step it to the car, let me i got anew far from new come on
.. got an 8 ..gonna ..i’m just bringing twenty
i’ma keep it loop by the funny goop
wanna f*ck you, i didn’t .. ’cause i’m feeling …lick kid,
like a big.. with the homie lifted gog, b*tch.

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