walking the straight and narrow lyrics – with life in mind

we’re blindfolded, centered only to survive, concerned
only with that which keeps us safe. we think nothing of
the world around us, and were so entangled around what
tortures us day by day. our own shallow lives. so void of
comp*ssion for the m*sses that roam this earth with no
where to go, and not one shoulder to cry on and no where
to run to. we turn our heads from the helpless. this type
of behavior is nothing more than discouraging in my eyes.
what makes you any better? what makes you any different?
a world you hide in? a mask of fools. a crown of kings.
who are you to p*ss all your judgements, comp*ssion falls
short. we’re all burdened in the end, burdened in the end
by your lack of conviction, burdened in the end by your
lack of truth. i pity the ones that hold no sympathy.
narrow-mindedly walk through life, concerned less, with
the ills of man. with your head so high, it might seem
like centuries before you reach the ground. your no
better than the ones you shun away, survival of the
fittest seems to suit you well. but when it comes time to
reach for a hand, will you sink or swim, or will you

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