walkin’ my baby back home lyrics – joey mcintyre

last night i saw you and it wasn’t enough
it’s only been one day and i miss you so much
all i can think of is the look in your eyes
when you told that you loved me
then you had to say goodbye

walking my baby back home
i wonder what i got to do to get you alone
walking my baby back home
her daddy says i got to have her back before dawn

remember when i touched you for the very first time
i’ll never forget the night you made up your mind
i was so scared to let you know how i feel

then you opened up to me
now i know it’s for real


i wonder if your daddy really knows
that you love me so
and i’ll never let you go
i wonder if he’s ever gonna see
what you mean to me
will he set you free

remember the first time you fell in love?


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