wait for rain lyrics – liv kristine

i think i’m talking to myself
h*llo stranger, h*llo friend
it’s just a touch of madness
nothing serious to blame

we’re all living in our flawless world
afraid to fail ashamed by blame
will i ever be the same if i apologize?

i love you to pieces, yeah
i’m sorry, i’m sorry
you love me to pieces, yeah

let me in
it’s me again
i cursed you
let me in
i’m sorry
just make me whole again
i’m in pain, i’m sorry
i stepped on your ident*ty
if you ignore me
i better wait for rain
wait for rain

my pain is not mutable
your voice is overloading me
and my bad burning conscience is killing me

i better wait for rain
wait for rain
i love you to pieces
you love me to pieces
we better, we better wait for rain

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