vowel song lyrics – charles & eddie

charles & eddie
vowel song

you been talkin’
talkin’ to me
i been watchin’ you
from way across the room

you been lookin’
over my way
is it you or i
that’s gonna make the move

gonna make you say…
ooh, ah, oh yeah

come on baby
listen to me
let me tell you
how i want our night to be
movin’ slowly
hold you closely
gonna put you in a mood
you won’t believe

don’t you leave me
in this corner
i won’t let you get away
without a fight
funky music
groovin’ hard now
we should do what
we’ve been wanting
to all night

gonna make you say…

can i take you
over to my place
i’ll make dinner
with a table set for tow
i want to know you
a whole lot better
we can laugh and talk
and stay up late together
just give me a chance
to prove the others wrong
’cause i won’t be like
no one that
you’ve had before
i’ll treta you right
i won’t hold too tight
you just be
exactly who you are

gonna make you say…

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