viva america lyrics – guttermouth

we’ll blow you off the map

you may think you got it pretty bad
well, my friend, you should be f*ckin glad because
you take for granted everything you’ve got
try to find a disneyland in africa, *sshole!
america, not china, not canada
america, not cuba, not jamaica
get a job you leaching welfare wh*r*
in the stars, there’s no need to lbe poor, because
true americans our pistol packin pals
don’t tread on me you f*ckin filthy foreigner
america not asia (minor), not nebraska, electricity
we’re americans, not indians, not russians
put us down we’ll blow you off the map
in a flash of hot water from the tap
light bulbs, movie stars, we can cure the clap
you stupid f*ck!

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