virtious hatred lyrics – zavorash

virtuous hatred

humanity, that comfortable motherf**king lie
i see seers selling out to it and i know why
with absolute disgust for false alternatives
armageddon becomes affirmative
systematic attempts to make desire and hate contrast
protecting their indoctrinated mindless deformation-cast
behold the m*ssive “not-out-fault” routine
focus your rage, in honor of the future we’ve seen
as hemeralopia haunts your clarity
percieve the emptiness behind their masks
our hematophageous existence is f**king verity
predatory and alien to m*ssive sums
discard the bile of personal history
rage against shallow explanations
grasp the darkness beyond their mysteries
surprice your modest expectations
align your mind to the darkened stars
avange the pure heart you’ve protected
we are many sharing your scars
by this stagnant world dissected
alone you are and uniquely expendible
you are not the center of the charade
thus an extraordinary league of hatred calls you forth
to be by inhuman darkness made.

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