violentia lyrics – vortex of clutter

so many years, we have been bleeding in this endless
each day, a new ennemy’s addeed to hate-list
hunger feeds ignorance and fear feeds obedience
n*body has courage to raise their fists

too many psychopaths have appropriated the land
we have become soldiers of the carrions
we have become obligatory deads of “land-lovers”
fat pigs with fast-food lives buy the hatred

same old clichés
they feed the violence everywhere
insanity and hate is reigns again

obvious lies
shoot people for f*cking proud
they sell the war
with fancy coffee cups

sacrifice your youngest blood
for your commanders and hungry gods

we’ll not obey
we’ll not astray
we’ll not be the source of your war

we break the guns
brothers and sons
end of the all
all misery

f*ck all the borders
we are brothers
don’t need no new enemy
total objection
we need reaction
to get our…
new reality!

new masters wants to live forever
they need more corpses to buy the system they created
they shall be drowned in the blood they shed
in the chaos they built, as they worship the gods of

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