vigilante lyrics – barstool prophets

you might not remember me.
i suppose i’d only be
another notch in your belt.
i think it’s safe to say
i’m thinking in new ways
and feeling things i’ve never felt.
i hope you’re proud.
i’ve been told that time can heal,
but that seems a sour deal.
it would tend to put you on the winning side.
and sure, you can call me cr*ss,
but i’d rather kick your *ss
if it would serve to help me turn the tide.
i’d kick your *ss to turn the tide.
you shouldn’t have messed with me.
you shouldn’t have messed with me.
now i’m a trigger-happy, would-be vigilante
intent on settling a score.
you’ll know i’m there,
you just won’t know where.
you’re ruin therein lies.
and it may not be today,
but rest *ssured, i’ll find a way
if it takes a thousand tries.
you won’t know what hit you
i don’t think you know exactly who i am.
exactly who i am.
i am prepared to carry out, without hesitation,
a cold and calculated act of intense dedication.
i am the store-clerk, forced once too often to his knees.
i am the few disgruntled postal service employees.
i am the widowed wife, left alone to carry on.
the grieving father, i, whose one and only child is gone.
i am the hand of justice, with finger poised to test,
i am a bigger, badder, better bane than bernard goetz.
you shouldn’t have messed with me
now i’m a trigger-happy, would be vigilante
you shouldn’t have messed with me.
and if i had the chance to do it all again
i wouldn’t change a thing.
i wouldn’t change a thing.

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