vessels lyrics – this divided world

be pure and undefiled
a vessel for the perfect message
i will not forget that i am your witness

keep me close as i enter within this perverse
to speak of love and truth
and as you have me i will give to you

this is the message given through the son
carried to the gentiles and multiplied forth
i am only a messenger of a messenger

this flesh and blood will carry only truth
for my words are unoriginal
i’m a lamp post
i’m a lighthouse on the sh*r*
calling out to those lost in the darkness
my only greatness is the one that i serve
but i will boast all the more in it

i desire to be known by him
to be recognized by the same love offered to all
the universal, unconditional love
god please send me where you will

to all the nations
to the ends of the earth

send me where you will
send me

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