verblendung lyrics – defeated sanity

thrown into this world of filth
subject to hostility
temptation lurks the void
(of) a lacerated soul
mistrust and disarray
growing stronger everyday
destructive ego takes control
as the viciousness is creeping into the self-centered mind
twisted creatures – poisoning,
inbred habits – disseminate,
virtues, morality – mortify
a hopeless world consumed with rivalry

engraved deep inside, a mindset broadly accepted
maladjusted, small doses of perversion
vile influences obscuring the path to purity and reason
animality takes over.

blinded by impurity, a slave to earthly fray
cannot liberate myself, forever bound to these chains
condemned to live a life of longing until i die

developed deep inside, a process perceived as…. harmless,
protection of the self, absorbing the…. majority
struggling to overcome the ones surrounding you
yet bonded with your surroundings, a paradox that will poison your life

brought about
by their

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