velvet goldmine lyrics – ian hogbin

punish me
take my hands and
tie me up
i’ve been bad so
make me pay
i don’t know how to
runaway from, away from
>from the pain
i don’t know how to
how to love
how to love you how you need
(so do as you will with me)
i need pain
i wanna feel the endorphins
rush through my body
i need someone
someone who can
overpower me
and make me pay for my crimes
listen up
i got this feelin’ i’ve been
hittin’ you up
hittin’ you up for a
for a drug
a drug that only you can provide me with
and you know what it is so
just listen as i tell you ’cause i…
chorus x2
i feel relieved
i know you can feel me beneath you
i read your mind
and you read mine
as we tumble further
into a velvet goldmine
a velvet goldmine
chorus x3

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